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Product Description

The Removal Alert Tag is a standalone loop alarm system developed to secure articles on display in a retail environment. As well as the single ended tag, We can now offer the new double ended tag. 

It's small, versatile, and easy to install. 

It is a cost-effective solution to "grab and runs" that maintains product placement while allowing customer handling. 

It is especially suitable for products such as cellphones,cameras, PC notebooks, portable CD players, power tools and other consumer electronics. 

When attacked or manipulated the system emits a loud alarm that can even be heard in large stores, and which immediately identifies the exact location. 

Because of the on board battery there is no need for additional cabling or installation, making the product quick and simple to integrate and operate. 

A battery lifetime of over 3 years in continuous alert mode makes this product one of the most economical loop alarm systems available.

Cable length extends from 20 inches to 50 inches.


1)Adhere alarm to counter 
2)Lasso or Adhere Sensor to product 
3)Push bottom to activate alarm 

Main features: 

1)Prevent stealing of all attached products. 
2)Built-in alarm, identifying the attempted theft location. 
3)Short-circuit prevention such as cutting the wire or attempting to defeat the micro-switch at the base results in an alarm. 
4)Standard with ultra-fine curled wire. 
5)Economic design with a battery life of over 3 years. 
6)Pushbutton operation; product cannot be disarmed from the outside. 
7)Easy to disarm by authorised person with no special keys required. 
8)No additional cabling needed. 


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